On July 3, after we had dinner at the Food Zoo, we went to McCormick Park to do rope elements and climbing. We joined the ice- breaking activity first. Then, we were divided into two groups to experience the new adventure. You will not believe that it was my first time to do rock climbing. At first, I felt afraid of falling down from the height but, when I saw all of the people could do it, I did not feel frightened any more. So happy that I could do all the activities with the team. I got many new experiences and skills from these activities. I also came to know that if you are in a team, you cannot be successful if you do not have a team spirit. Sometimes, you cannot do things alone although you are productive. I am really lucky that I have a chance to join all these activities with all of my helpful and supportive friends from different countries. We ate lunch at Triple Dragon where we can get not only western style food but also Asian style food. We can feel the Asean Culture because of the decoration of the restaurant. After that, our group departed to Salmon Lake which is wonderful and amazing. We stayed at University‘s luxury lodge for lecture from Dr.Len Bromberg. He told about environmental Policies and Politics and I found that it was really difficult for government to make a decision concerned with the law. I hope that we can do better projects and find effective solutions for environmental problems in South–East Asia together. We traveled around the island by a boat. We all had a wonderful time there by doing many sport activities, meeting with some of the students and from UM, and scholars from different countries during dinner time. We took many pictures there as it is beautiful and have many wonderful places to visit. Although we were tired as we did many activities, we all are still active and looking forward to experiencing new adventures and hoping to learn as much as we can from the program.