It was a long day, after midnight motorbike-riding to Wal-Mart with my host, I come home and rethink about all the things we have done. 

We started our day with Countries Group Meeting to discuss about group projects. Personally, I felt like every group did a pretty good job. Also, as our group I was so glad that we did ask for some suggestions for our project from Len and Randall because they actually brought us back the ideas that we would never able to think of.

After Lunch we had two academic lessons about the U.S Government Structure and Diversity in the U.S by Dr. Christopher Muster and Dr. Suzy Hampton. I found those two lesson provided just enough information for us to know more about America in general and those were all the things we did in the lecture room so far.

Then, it was the time that everyone has been looking for, “host-family meet-up.” I think by that time if somebody walked me, they would probably think that something went wrong with me because I kept smiling by myself. Partly because I was too excited to meet my hosts and another reason was because I saw other fellows were panicky running back-forth check out their things before their hosts arrive.

“First Friday” is the name of the event it happens every first Friday of every month. In Missoula it considers a big day where all of the shops open longer hours than usual and all of the artists will facilitate at their gallery. So our host family brought us to downtown, it was quite crowded compare to the normal day but it brought some colors to town I would say. So, I enjoyed myself visiting art galleries and walked along with the whole family.

Finally we were home, it was quite late so each of us just had a quick homemade burger together then we spent the rest of the time chatting.

It was Friday and tomorrow is going to be “a daddy’s cooking day ” means the children at home expected their father to make pancakes for them. So then at some points the son of the host who only came for dinner brought out the idea of having local products with the pancake which it was a “huckleberry jam”. And that was how I end up with jumped on the back of big fancy motorbike in the middle of the night just to get some jam.

Well, I think I have covered everything already. Since there were so many fascinating events happened in just one day, i’m really looking forward to see another upcoming day.