There is nothing more exciting than being told that I’m gonna stay with the Garbers who are farmers here for the weekend. I’ve been in Montana for a week now, and last weekend, 6th-7th July, I spent time living with them. Henry and Laura Garber are farmers in the Bitterroot and they have two children, Helen and Henry. They also have three dogs, Sweebo, Khamea, and Willy. They are so smart and sweet!! This was the best experience I’ve ever had so far. Three other SUSIers and I had so much fun at the farm. We got to do different stuff we have never done before. We arrived at the Garber’s on Friday evening and we each had different tasks to do the second we arrive there. Boom and I picked up some garlic flowers for Laura to make dinner and prepare for the Farmer’s Market in the next day. Then Amerita and Jennifer helped them wash the vegetables. The dinner was really nice and fresh! They cooked organic vegetables for us!! I’ve never LOVED vegetables until I came to taste their vegetables at the farm!! It is fresh, sweet, and organic! The vegetables there are awesome!! I have started loving vegetables now! Thanks to the Garbers for changing my eating habit to be healthier! Beside working with the Garbers, I really love playing with the dogs! They are smart and lively! Sweebo is everywhere! And Khamea likes fetching a lot! He always finds a stick and then put it in front of everyone to fetch him. If we don’t fetch him, he’ll just stay there keep asking for fetching! He never gives up!

Talking about experiencing new things, I went to sell vegetables with Laura and Henry at the Farmer Market and walked around the market, buying some foods. Boom and I tried a mini muffin and lots of food there. After the Farmer Market, we went to buy some candy at the Candy store!! I bought some candy back home and next, we all went for hamburgers at the Naps for lunch. That was the best hamburger in town!! I could not finish it though because it was big. After lunch, we had one hour free for shopping. I went to bookstore and bought some books home. In the evening, we went cycling to the Brew house and had some beer! We’re 21 years old, so we’re legal to drink!! The view along the way was really nice. I even saw rabbits along the way back!

It was a lot of fun staying over there with the Garbers. However, I also did learn a lot from them about American culture, especially the way they live here in Montana. I was so surprised when they told me not to lock the house because they don’t lock it there and it’s safe! People there are also nice and friendly. Jill and Christ, our neighbors, are very nice! We hang out a lot at their house! I learnt that people over there live in a peaceful manner and help each other out. The Garbers love organic vegetable, which is a really healthy way of living. The food here is completely different from Cambodian food. Mostly, we have rice for meals, but they have bread for lunch here with peanut butter and strawberry. Moreover, I noticed that most people here like to keep themselves busy and live independently, yet they are really helpful when help is needed.

I did enjoy myself to the max and learnt a lot of different things from the host family. I also get to share about my culture and the way my people live with my host family. I love them!!