Today was the first day with full of lectures from 8:30 am to 9 pm. We really feel tired after passing through the day but we did a great job by participating in all the lectures by asking great questions in the lectures.

As usual in the morning 8:15, we gather in the launch to go the the NAC 201 where we have to attend lectures. The first lecture is about the Public Policy Issues in Natural Resource Management by Dr Alan Watson from Aldo Leopold Institute. Actually, he was the host family of Rosie and Seata. He gave a really academic lecture about the Wilderness which was first introduced by as American famous and influencing writer, Aldo Leopold.

After the first lecture, we headed to "The Missoulian", which is the local newspaper in the Missoula by biking along the clerk folk river. There, Mr Rob Chaney said about the how the daily newspaper operate and how they inform public about the local and international news. He said especially about how they take the referee role between the government, businesses and public , and how they influence the legislators and state executive teams to be accountable for their actions. After that discussion, 10 SUSI students went to visit the YWCA.

After lunch, next lecture about the Climate Change, especially about Montana, was run by Dr. Steve Running. He is the Nobel Peace Price winner in 2007. He mostly talked about the scientific research in Climate Change like green house gases, raising sea level, ocean acidification, and early spring snowmelting. Wild fire is a big problem in Montana as it is hot and dry in summer. Finally, he finished the lecture by giving the future energy options. What he talked interestingly is that human are currently using the resources of one and half world which will be no longer sustainable if we could not find the alternative way of using energy.

The final lecture is about the Green Business by Ms. lisa Swallow and she run it as a workshop. She focused on sustainability in running a business. Actually, this workshop is for the businessmen but we learn pretty much.

Our group had the Biga pizza for dinner. Finally, we reach the last session by viewing the Documentary Plastic Bag Campaign, "Bag It" and after that, current Cambodian SUSI participants present about the program that the former Cambodian SUSI alumni run in their own country. Seata also talked about her program that she wants to run in her country,Laos.

As today was a very busy day with tight schedule, everybody was so tired after the whole day program.