Today is Saturday and we had free time all this morning until 13:15. So I would like to start from last night. Last night, I planned a lot for today. Morning I would go to Marathon and have breakfast at the downtown and enjoy the show. At the afternoon I would meet with my groups and have fun with them along the River Rafting. They are my thoughts before I go to bed. I went to bed round of 2 o’clock and set alerm at 7 in the morning.

Things change. I woke up late at 10 o’clock in the morning and I said” Oh-My God, I am late”. Then I looked around and find someone to have breakfast with me because my oversleeping destroyed my entire plan. So I needed to draw another one.  Fortunately, I found my friends from my country and Cambodia and I ask them “why aren’t you guys going to Marathon?” They gave me the same answer, “We woke up late, too”.  I smiled at them and had breakfast together with them. We waited till noon to pick up for River Rafting with full of excitement. Finally, time came to go water rafting.  We went there with bus and felt and enjoyed the pleasant views of Montana. We had extra student from university of Montana. They are very nice and shared their college life-style in here. I got a useful time on bus too.

At there, the air is fresh, the wind is cool, the water is cold, and the sun is shine. I said “what a perfect day of my life”. When I reached on the boat, I started feeling excited like sitting in the exam hall. We were leaded by Lewis and Clark Adventures.  The Rafting trip took us down the scenic Blackfoot River for twelve miles. Along the trip, I had full of coldness, excitement, scariness but they are recovered by happiness, good experiences, and term-work with my group. At the end I said” It is awesome” which is my daily sentence for me. Not only me but also some of my friends told me that is the best activity that we ever had.

On the way back to university, all my friends were sleeping (including me) because of tiredness. When we arrived to campus, I shouted” Home sweet home” then everybody say thank you and good bye to University student and others. Early this night, I just planned to go cinema. But it was too late now and tried to take a sleep after finishing my today daily paper. My words for today activity are awesome and nothing can compare this feeling for me. Image