The day July 14th marks a milestone in my journey: my first day discovering the most wonderful country in the world-The United State by myself!

Part 1: An awesome self-guided Montana tour!

For me, travel is discovering and Iike discovering myself the most. Therefore, since I come to Monata, I have allways looked forward to a freeday so that I can travel and discover the State on my own. That day eventually comes- the 14th of July.
I already set up a specific pIan for that day long before. According to that, I will go getting around the State and shopping a little bit. To prepare, since July 10th, I have been spending a lot of time searching for some remarkable points in Montana to visit. Bestbuy, Target, Good Will Secondhand Store,… are our priority goals.
The new day starts with little sunshine which signs a beautiful day ahead. I wake up quite later than usually,at about half past eight because I hit the sack very late last night to finish my preparation for our trip. My Laos friends named Somlith also wants to join me and we decide to go together. We start going at half past nine. We agree to go to Goodwill first and then stop by Bestbuy and Target also.

Full of excited and energetic to discover, we ride bicycle very fast and sometimes stop to review the map we bring with us. We quickly come to the address Good Will but someone say it moves to another place which is very far from the old place. Then we decied to go to Bestbuy and Target instead because they are nearer. The way to Bestbuy and Target is not difficult but we still can not locate us sometimes on the map. So we have to ask some people and they show us the the places and I also remember very much his sentence” do not believe the map so much” . I then know that the streets are now upgraded and “ updated “day by day so the map quicky becomes ”out of date”. We eventually reach Target and Bestbuy(they are very close to each other). We spend about 10 minutes to take some pictures in front of these two places. Target is actually one of the best places in Montana for shopping. It is very big and has almost everything you need for life. I and Somlith get around Target for 30 minutes but just only buy two chocolates because we almost just “ sightseeing” it. Then we head over to Bestbuy-the place I have been looking to reach to buy a new camera for me. We stayed there for an hour. I buy a new camera which cost me 89 dollars – the camara that I like best ever. I am so happy to sue it now. Somlith also buys a memory card for his camera. On the way home we accumulate experience- see letter M, not map any more hihi! We get home easily after nearly 1 hour biking.

Part 2: Vietnamese food and an “horror story”!

The second discovery of the day is the dinner at The Tuyens’ house. Tuyen is a Vietnamese but living here for nearly 40 years. His wife is SuSu Pham and they now living with their children_ Tri and his family-Tri’s wife and two little kids. We have a very nice dinner there with the whole family. I am so excited and happy because I have chance to eat Vietnamese food again. The food is perfect and I eat a lot. After dinner, Tuyen tell us about his difficult journey The US here. In his story I sometimes get scred a lot because he many times has to face of death because of trying to across the border. His story is also very sad with a lot of scary facts but I am eager to hear it. Then, before we go home,we also take some pictures with Tuyen’s family.