Snow? It’s in my hands…

We are all from another hemisphere of the Earth, which is in the tropical zone with high temperature and humidity year-round, often with the sense of lush vegetation. We had traveled more than one thousand miles to be here, Montana State, the US, for a great summer ever. “Snow in the summer”, it’s an idiom that means “impossibility” in our language. However, “nothing impossible”, and this phrase turns out to be more appropriate in this case.

Departing Kalispell at 9:30, it took us about one hour to reach Glacier National Park. On the way get there, we had chance to see such a high sky and the wide sea are an immense blue of the countryside.

Montana is well- known for its wildlife and scenery, places like Glacier stand out as examples of just how impressive nature can be. I suppose the existence of national parks is a gift to all of us—a chance to be awed for ourselves. And in a world where we are increasingly surrounded by entertainment, there is still nothing quite like a trip to one of these amazing places such as Glacier National Park. I still remember the feeling at the first time touching snow, standing and slipping there. 😀 We all had a “snow war” and played with snow right in a hot summer, which is a totally a brand new experience for us.

When we visited the Glacier National Park, Dr. Broberg also helped us to learn more about the cultural and ecological diversity there. Glacier’s one million acres of turquoise alpine lakes, mountain goats and grizzly bears, craggy peaks and we were so lucky to see them during our trip. Thanks to the visit, we know that the ecosystem there is very fragile. Therefore, it is essential to be careful in every step. Leave the place intact!

Unfortunately, some of us did not have a good preparation for the trip (me, for example). I forgot to bring to bottle of water and we all ran out of water sooner than expected. That was the reason why we had to come back soon to go to the Blackfeet Tipi Village. It was raining at that time and I already felt missing this beautiful place somehow.

I believe we all took a nap on the way go to the Blackfeet Tipi Village, didn’t we? (except Mel, Dr. Broberg, and Randall, for sure) =))

Our tipi camp arbor is a wooden wind shelter built in the form of a traditional Blackfeet ceremonial lodge. Decorated in Blackfeet style, the facilities take part in providing us with an experience full of Native American culture.

At night, we gathered near the fire, told story, and felt the warmth from each other. We talked about our embarrassing moment, shared our thought and feelings. I believe we could have a better understanding about not only the individual but also the values of our culture.

We touched snow in the summer, we experienced a Native American night!

Just can say: 17th July, awesome!