What a great day!

For me, traveling to new places, meeting with more people, and sharing experiences, and work in a team are what I enjoy doing in my whole life.  I have spent time with all my SUSI participants in Missoula for nineteen days. I have discovered many things that are wonderful here.  Today is the great day that I have been looking for since I applied for this program.

A lecture day might be a boring day for most people because of feeling asleep, but for me it is a great day because we have a good topic that we talked about this afternoon. I am so glad that Dr. Roy taught me and other students on how to build a good organization. He showed us what he was doing in his organization. E.g He focused on motivating students by bringing them out to see other places such as a place with animal spices in danger like sea tortoise. This really surprised me that he and I have something in common in helping others to have a chance for educational access as I we do.

After break from lunch at 1: 30 pm, we had another great lecture about Cross Cultural Negotiation with leadership activity by Dr. Koester. I have learnt a lot from this lecture and activity. For example, we played a $2 game. This game gave me an ideas how to deal with other people from different places and cultures. At the first round of the game, I found that it is hard to talk and deal something with stranger, but on the second and the third round, I found that I could talk and reach the agreement faster and could come to solution easily because we knew one’s another story well. The most important thing that I learnt from this game is that I should never give up with something that I fail. I should keep trying in many different ways until I reach my point!

Later at about 6 pm, we met some students from UM who are now living in the Flat House. It is amazing for me to see students are trying to create projects like organic farm and built a house that are not so harmful for the environment and I have never seen that any students using the solar power until now. I think if more and more people are trying to like this, we might be able to reduce global warming in the future. Just one more thing, I really love American pizza and this is not my first time to eat American pizza and I still enjoy it J. Thanks a lot to American students who gave me a lesion this evening and for pizza.