This was a sunny morning, I woke up late after a long sleep. As a habit, I looked out of the window and saw the smooth green grass, I could feel the freshness in there with the sun lights. I had a flashback of days that I have stayed here in UM. Time has passed so quickly. We only had 2 weeks more to enjoy the activities together. It is not too long, but it is enough to make us to be more and more closed.

Today, we were divided by country group to prepare a few dishes from our country to share with everyone at dinner. Actually, because I live with my family and I am the oldest sister, I have to cook everyday for them. Otherwide, I love cooking so much. That’s why I choose this day to write the blog. It will be so fun and significant.

We left the dorm at 9 am and followed Mrs. Deena to go to the Clark Fork market by bike. The market is near our university and takes only 10 minutes to go there. It is about over 9 years old. It is new one but larger than the market where I went with my host family. It also has more food stores and many kinds of flowers with We walked around to buy something for dinner and also ate breatfast. We looked like the children in a family who had to do everything because their parents were so busy with their works. Fornaturely, when we were walking around, I saw that a store sold lavender – this is my favorous flower. It was immediately attracted me and I kept walking back and forth in front of this store. I know that it is dificult to bring this to my country but I really want to try one. Finally, I bought a bouquet of dry lavender. Its flavor is so sweet.

We were done after 2 hours shopping and come back to the packing to wait for other groups. We were all there and meet Mr. Franco Salazar – the market manager. He explained more about this market. I can compare the different between Vietnam and US. In my country, the people go to the market every day and they cook for each meal. But American prefers to buy food in the grocery store. So, the farmers’ market is very important to keep the relationship between the citizen and farmers there. Later, we came back to Miller Hall to have lunch and take a nap. In this afternoon, someone go to grocery store, someone go to the Dr. Len’s house and the rest goes to the Mrs. Deena to prepare for cooking.

When we cooked together, it was really fun. I could see many people happy to try and cook it very well event they know how to cook or not. All of us were very hard – working to make the dishes not only delicious but also beautiful. It took about 4 hours for cooking.

Finally, all of the traditional dishes were finished. Each country introduced and explained about their dishes. Burma group was the fastest team with many kinds meat, it looked so delicious while Lao’s food is the spiciest but the flavor was so good, specially was the “Lucky” food. I also liked the dish which mixes many kinds of vegetable of Cambodia. The hardest – working – Thailand group – they cooked many dishes and I love the rice inside the pineapple because it looked so nice. J These dishes were laid all on the table with delicious flavors. We were so hungry and could not wait any more. The party was start!!!!

Spring Roll North and South Version – along with stories about the differences in taste, eating style has impressed. They ate and compared which one is better, but almost the answer was the both usually. We also ate ice cream and taught Lao and Thai people some Vietnamese words.

Potluck dinner tonight was the biggest and the best meal ever!!! Everyone felt full event they could eat more. We chatted, played soccer together and then, we came back to the Miller Hall at 9:15 pm.

Now, when I am sitting here – in my room and write this blog. I am still full and my body still has smell of spring roll event I took a shower already. It is so fun! J

Anyway, today is unforgettable!!!