Today was a free day for all of us to explore Missoula. We had fun and were very tired at the same time. It could be said that today was the most tired day for us.


I got up a little late today at around 9:30 am. After I did all my stuff, I met my friends at the lounge to discuss about the plan today. Again, Thai-Lao gang gathered and discussed where to go. Before we get down to our plan, we had lunch together at the lounge. Our meal was the meal left over from yesterday’s potluck dinner at Deena’s house. The taste of food was still very good.


Our first point was downtown Missoula. We biked to the downtown and parked our bicycles under the bridge then walked around. We first visited the Art shop and bought some things as souvenirs for our families and friends. All the products in the shop are made in Missoula and some of them are handmade, everything is very unique and creative. I just want to buy all of them, but it’s impossible. Finally, I bought some book marks for my dad and my sister’s boyfriends because they love reading and the book mark is very unique in tribal styles (Native American Style). Then we passed through some shops and stopped for a break at a good coffee shop called “Liquid Planet” where we had some drinks and bought a lot of local chocolates with a reasonable price. After that, we headed to Costco where is very far away. We biked and biked and biked, finally got there. We know that we must have a member card for shopping in the Costco, but we don’t. So how we did it, it was a little funny. We were stuck in the entry and the woman who is responsible for checking the member card of customers before entering asked about our member card and we discussed a little bit how to say. We then figured out to say that we have a friend who has the card and we call him to come help us, but we requested to shop before his arrival. Actually he didn’t even pick up the phone and didn’t come. But we were still in risky situation to shop and ask someone for the member card and it’s alright to borrow others’ card if they willing to. Costco is really a big mall with a lot of things and the prices are very reasonable. As we all love shopping, how we can miss it!  Our first target was the pharmacy zone. Everyone got a lot of supplements, chocolates, candies and so on. At the moment when we nearly have done shopping, we decided to ask someone’s help since we need a member card for payment. I accidently saw a Chinese couple and went talk to them, asked them if they can help us. You know what they said? They said that they don’t have the card too and were waiting for their friend who has the member card to pick them up. They could help us but we have to wait for their friend for 20 minutes. However, we couldn’t wait that much long so we tried the others. Luckily, a woman who was very kind helped us for that. We then organized our stuff and biked back to our dorm. It was such a long way for us to come back. We biked under the sun, everyone was so tired. After the long trip, we finally reached our dorm. Our feeling in that moment was like seeing the hope and it was like “Oh finally we arrived!” Took off our stuff and parked our bicycles and laid down on the yard for a while. It was so good! Then we had dinner together, our meal was the same as lunch. Because of tiredness we ate a lot and the food was very good too. It wasn’t the end of our day. We had another plan which was the last point for today, we are going to the theatre. After taking a break in the dorm, Seata, Aling, KT, Andrew, Boom and me biked again to the theatre where is near the Southgate Mall, It was pretty far away from the dorm. But we still wanted to go due to our last week in Missoula, so we have to go. I was so tired to bike since we biked all day long and my legs were pain. The movie we watched was the last round for the day called “Despicable me 2”. It was cartoon animation and so cute and funny. I love it. The movie ended at around 12:00 pm, it was midnight already. We biked back to our dorm, the weather at night was cooler.


It was the most tired day for me today and this is my first time to bike for a whole day. But it made my day, I enjoyed biking. I don’t realized that it’s already our last week in Missoula. I don’t want to leave yet. I still want to explore more. Missoula is a good place for relax and I found that I fall in love with Missoula where the weather is very hot and dry but I don’t even feel uncomfortable, where the people are so kind and friendly, where there are a lot of awesome outdoor activities. It seems like I started to get use to everything here no matter in different time, food and life style. Meanwhile, it is nearly the time to say good bye to this beautiful and natural city. Thank you SUSI program for giving me a new and awesome experience I ever had. I enjoyed so much here. It will be the best and unforgettable experience for me. I will miss you Montana.