Compare to other days in our busy schedule, July 22 is an easy and relaxing day. But, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing to remember.

When I look on the schedule, I feel so happy that there is just one class today. And then, immediately, I am worried as it lasts 3 hours (maybe one of the longest classes). I have been afraid that I will fall asleep in class. Luckily, I enjoy the class today with UM Climate Action Now (UMCAN) so much.

Maybe because the speakers today are also students. Maybe because what they say is exactly what I did, do and will do.
“Telling stories” which is full of emotions, personal experiences and inspirations, instead of a bunch of data and information.
Zack and Hank from UMCAN give us some stories. They are very simple, but sincere and very real. I think I can see myself in those stories.

Then, we also have chance to divide into group and share our stories together.
Mei, Boom, Rosie and me go to 1 group.
We tell each other the story about why we concern in environmental issues. Mei and her hometown, Boom and some horrible disasters in Thailand, Rosie and her debating class and also the story about “How a Zero become a Hero” of me. So many things to share that we become the last group come back to the room.

We also learn a lot of interesting things and I believe that what we hear today will be very very useful for our project when we come back to our country.

After the class, we have a meeting with Dr.Len and Mel about the project of national group.
Just my personal feeling that this time is more comfortable and less stressful than other meeting. Maybe because, our team have had a good prepare and we worked very hard for the draft proposal. Dr.Len gives us some comments and contributes ideas which are so precious for us.
The more I work with our teammate, the higher team spirit I can feel 🙂
We will be a great team and we have a project ahead.

Thank to Mel, after group meeting, we have chance to enjoy the lunch with Dr. Dan, who will go to Vietnam this winter.
Food Zoo is closed at that time so we go to University Center instead where all members of Vietnam team orders ‘Pho’.
It’s such a long time that we don’t enjoy ‘Pho’. We miss it so much. (But we think that ‘Pho’ in University Center is quite salty)

The final highlight of today is the exchange traditional dress between Laos and Vietnam Ladies.
This is the first time I try traditional dress of Laos. I have an exchange with Seata. Unfortunately (or so lucky), that Seata’s dress fit me so well as Seata cannot breath in my Ao dai (traditional dress of Vietnam).
It’s so funny when we wear dress, walk around, give each other feedbacks, show them how to pose in dress. Just as fun as going shopping.

I, myself, realize that I wear Laos traditional dress more beautiful than Ao dai (why?)

I also realize that exploring culture is so interesting, and it is also the reason why we are here today.
I will try to explore more (try more traditional dress from other countries) in next days!

Goodnight, SUSI !
— Mai Anh Dang.
International Business
Foreign Trade University – HCMC